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This Monarch butterfly was an unexpected site among a scrap yard of rusty bits and tins. Carefully cradled within one of the tins with which it was sharing space, the butterfly was brought back to the studio. Nearly a year later, after taking a class on the caterpillar stitch, the insect was proudly placed in the front cover of this handmade polymer clay book.

The original tin was covered with black gesso and decorated with colored pencils. The butterfly is encased in resin. Thick archival pages were guarded with Japanese butterfly paper and folded into signatures. The Japanese paper suggested the color scheme. Green and purple waxed linen were used together for the paired needle Coptic stitch. The caterpillar stitch is exectuted in purple. The polymer clay covers were created with an insectine mica shift.

Two caterpillars represent two life choices. Only one caterpillar decides to emerge.

Emerge (detail)
8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches